Like a box of chocolates

Almost time to go home, I never know what I am coming home to. In case I didn’t mention it, my husband has bipolar disorder and hasn’t been on medication for years. So its kind of like being married to several different personalities, all of them extreme. He is either the sweetest most giving, loving and kindhearted man….or a very depressed man that is in so much inner turmoil I can’t even leave him alone in a room because I am afraid that he will try to kill hisself….or satan hisself, the most hateful, abusive, sadistic, evil person I have ever met in my life. A crazy combination that if any doctor really new everything about him they would have him put in a hosptial for a long time i’m sure. I’d be willing to bet bipolar would not be the only thing he is diagnosed with. Which I guess is another reason I stayed so long. If someone you love, your family, had cancer, could you leave them because they are sick. I know that probobly sounds twisted but I know doubt will need lots of therapy if and when I finally get out of this.


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