The little things

So in my current situation  I can say that some days it’s the little things that keep me going. By little things I mean the tiny little joys I can sneak in without him taking them away. One such “little thing” was my favorite t.v. show “the walking dead”. I know that may seem silly but it was something I looked forward to each week and for an hour every Sunday I enjoyed my time. Well, because of the three weeks instead of one I missed after my surgery/beating, and the fact that he quit his job, they cut off my cable do to nonpayment (they are at the bottom of my list) and I can no longer watch my favorite show. But I guess that’s one of the joy’s of life, for every little thing lost, there is another found. I realized this as I lay in my bed Sunday with all six of my sweet dogs laying next to me giving me unconditional love and loyalty, reading an awesome book I just started and enjoying some decent weather with my windows open.


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