bathroom break

He called my job a few minutes ago and I was in the restroom. I heard them announce my phone call over the intercom and hurried out. I picked up the call in the front of the building, the first phone I came to by the restroom because he HATES to be put on hold. He argued with me about what took so long for me to pick up his call (apparently sneaking in a quickie with someone is more plausible that me using the freaking bathroom). So anyway, the lady at the desk next to the phone I was using looked at me and said (quite loudly) “he better be glad he’s not married to me!” Well he heard her, hung up on me and now won’t answer the phone, he’s pissed. My anxiety level is now through the roof now because I’m going to pay for that when I get home. I know she had no idea what she was doing but crap. Happy weekend to me.


9 thoughts on “bathroom break

  1. Uuuugggghhhh.
    I don’t like this….don’t like this….Anni when you comin to visit me?

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  2. Keep writing. Keep writing!


  3. DotedOn says:

    Shit… I hope it wasn’t that bad.

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