I’m not two

I am not a confrontational person in general, but I have always kind of had a rebellious nature. I have always hated being told what to do. I was always very independent and very in control of my own life. I had two jobs when I was sixteen, bought my own car among other things. My first marriage, I controlled all of the money, took care of all of the bills and whatever business we had to take care of. How the hell I’ve let myself get to where I am floors me. The me I am now is so NOT me. After the events of the last few months it’s been harder. I am really starting to see things again like I used to. The resentment is building up inside of me and it’s like an internal war in my head. I’m really having a hard time keeping my mouth shut about some things but I’m so close to being able to leave I don’t want to screw it up now. This morning I decided to wear jeans to work. We have casual Friday at my office (I normally wear scrubs, I do billing and payroll for a home health agency). So I get ready to leave and he literally tells my I have to go change. He said I couldn’t wear that I had to wear my ugly scrubs to work. Oh my freaking gosh. I am not two! I hate this. The old me is boiling inside and about to bust out.


One thought on “I’m not two

  1. DotedOn says:

    Few more weeks dear… hugs 🙂

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