The Not So Great Escape

Well I’m out, for now anyway. Plans are smashed. I am overwhelmed and full of anxiety and can not concentrate on work this morning. This weekend was a rollercoaster. It started Friday, of course he was already worked up. He sent me to the store and when I got back he checked my receipt for the time I checked out and 26 minutes was way too long in his opinion and I was again a lying whore. I got a good punch in the ribs but luckily that was all of the physical abuse I endured over the weekend. The mental torment was horrible though. All weekend it was like one of those horror movies where someone is possessed by a demon and there is and exorcist there. The cussing, name calling, insulting verbal diarrhea was almost too much to bear. He could not say a single sentence without throwing something in there. At one point he even starting talking bad about my daughter, it was horrible. Sunday afternoon we were cooking all day. He was the same and kept making comments about killing me. I finally told him I was going to leave I was not going to stay there anymore with him talking like that. He told me to go. When I got to my car and got in, he ran out of the house with a knife and stabbed my tire. He walked back in (I guess thinking I would follow since I couldn’t leave). I jetted towards his sisters house next door, I could see my brother in law and my stepson in their backyard. I was almost there when he came out again and he was yelling. I didn’t stop. I told his sister what happened, she called the other sister and she came over too. I had no idea what to do. I hate to get them involved and I know they don’t want to be in the middle of it because it’s their brother and they love him. The took me to his aunts house down the road and I stayed there last night and rode with her to work this morning. I don’t know what do know, this is exactly why I didn’t want to leave like this. I my car is sitting at my house with a slashed tire, he won’t leave, I only have one days worth of clothes and I had to leave my dogs with him and my heart  and head are about to burst. This is too much.


4 thoughts on “The Not So Great Escape

  1. blahpolar says:

    It’s definitely too much. You know that he won’t change, you know you could end up dead … it’s your choice. Hope you stay safe.


  2. DotedOn says:

    I hope someone is there to help you. Hugs

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  3. You can’t go back alone! Don’t please! Go to the police station. Tell them you’re afraid for your safety that he threatened to hurt you and they will escort you to get your things and your dogs. You are the only one telling yourself you can’t leave because of x, y, or z. But think about those things now. Imagine if he does kill you… right before you die you’re going to realize that your reasons for staying weren’t worth dying for. Get to a shelter. Call the police. You have to do something. He doesn’t have as much power as you think. Trust me on this. I was abused too. You can’t see outside the box of abuse. People will help you. Tell anyone who will listen. Get help. Don’t go home! Just run. He can only say he’s going to kill you so many times before he does.

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    • anni6290 says:

      I know I have to get some clothes tonight but I won’t go alone, my heart is breaking for my puppies but I can’t take them with me right now 😦 .ugh I hate this I just want to go home and its not fair that he just gets to stay there 😦


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