So many people wonder why women are afraid to talk about it, well maybe because they just know how some people are going to respond. You see I kept all of this a secret for years and have only recently started to share some of it with select people. My two sisters in law (who are also my neighbors) know alot of it now. They know the events of the last few months. It was one of them who I ran to for safety the other night instead of going back into my house after he slashed my tire in front of me when I was trying to leave. I confided in her what happened and realize now that it was a mistake. She is mad at me apparently because this entire situation is stressful on her. Well let me just say excuse the F out of me. So to you my dear sister in law, I will NEVER again tell you anything and I promise you will not be “bothered” by my problems. I know that he is your brother and you love him but that does not make what he does to me OK. He needs help. I can take my part of the responsibility in this because by me lying for him and sweeping his abuse under the rug all of these years has just made him worse, but take yours. Real talk, you were all doing the same thing to him long before I came along so you are just as guilty. The whole “We’re not going to talk about his problems because its nobody’s business” crap is over.


3 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. CodingGal says:

    That was a big reason I didn’t tell anyone either. That, and no one believed me because, to everyone besides me, he was charming and sweet and they thought I was crazy. Good for you for standing up!

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    • anni6290 says:

      thanks, he is the same way, honestly if they hadn’t seen some of it for their self the last few months they probably wouldn’t have believed me either 🙂


  2. DotedOn says:

    I’m so glad you told her!! Now let’s see what she does with this information.

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