Well, lets just say the forces are against me. He is pretending like none of it happened..ever. That I am just crazy and make it up I guess, and since he acts completely normal around everyone else and he is so believable (he is a salesman by trade by the way) I look like the crazy one. I can’t stay at his aunts anymore. The tone there has changed, and the feeling is I am no longer welcome and I should not be worrying other people with my problems and I should be a good wife and just go home. I have no way to go anywhere else even if I had anywhere else to go. I couldn’t sleep last night and I am exhausted this morning. Honestly I don’t even know if he will let me come back if I have to since he is playing the I am crazy card. I talked to the sheriffs dept and the justice of the peace and a lawyer and apparently the law is not on my side unless I have a lot of time and money, neither of which I have right now. I have know idea what to do and it’s taking everything I have not to completely break down crying right here at work. To those of you that made it out and have lives now, you are my hero’s because everything seems impossible from where I’m sitting this morning.


One thought on “SCORE ONE FOR HIM

  1. DotedOn says:

    It’s not easy… And many times the time seems to stand still (or even go backwards). Just have faith.

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