too young to be this dang old

So I’m sitting here at work and I belch…loud. My sweet little girl I share and office with said I scared her because I sounded like a “dude”. One of the many joys of getting older. What about getting older if you’ve been abused? We all have our unique circumstances and awful memories that come along with them but what about the physical tole it takes on our bodies. I wonder sometimes if I were to get in a wreck or something where they had to put me through a full body xray or scan, what they would see. Would they see the years of injuries I have endured that had to heal on their own because I wasn’t allowed to go to a hospital? The broken ribs, elbow, crushed cheekbone, uncountable blows to my head among other things. And what are the long term effects of these injuries going to bring? I’m sure the anal/colon injuries will have me wearing diapers long before any normal person would. Not that I am planning on having more kids, but what if I wanted to. I guess I won’t know until the time comes but I can say with all honesty, I feel older than 36. My mind and body. By the way, my Christmas list for this year (coming from an “old lady”), I would like a pack of panties, because they are not just the once a month panties anymore. I would like a squishy toilet seat, because my butt seems to be disappearing with my mind. I would love some of those sausage and cheese boxes with the cool mustard’s that only come out at Christmas time that I used to always get my great aunts and uncles because well, they are just freak’in good.


2 thoughts on “too young to be this dang old

  1. Abuse definitely takes a toll on the body…aging will tell the story. Holiday meats and cheese is the best! Happy holidays!

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  2. DotedOn says:

    🙂 I hope you get some peace.

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