I finally got to see my baby girl!!

So New Years Eve wasn’t bad at all. I left work and drove an hour and a half to pick up my youngest step-daughter. I have always been super close with her, probably because she was only seven months old when me and her father got together so she never had divorce issues that the other kids had. She is the most like my daughter as far as personality goes and has always been super close with my daughter, so of course I wanted her there to share the day with us. My niece also stayed the night so is was actually fun. He was good. We all stayed up playing Texas hold’em and had a ball. A serious poker game with two 13 year old girls was a hoot to say the least. I made it to midnight for the fireworks but crashed on the couch after that. He stayed up with the girls until four playing cards, and watching movies.

I woke up Thursday morning at the crack of dawn, had a half a pot of coffee and was crazy excited about getting to see my daughter. My step-daughter, niece, and myself met my mom (who picked my daughter up on her way) at the mall. Finally!!!! I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. I held her and didn’t want to let go. We had an amazing day doing a lot of nothing but I cherished every minute of it. I had already told my daughter that I would bring her back to her grandparents house since they were bringing her to the airport this morning. I knew when she asked me that he would never allow it (he never lets me bring her or pick her up from my ex’s family. I wasn’t going to tell her no though and them have to come get her early and I us not get to spend the entire day together. So yesterday evening we were at his sisters next door (she never went into my house and saw him, another thing he got upset about) he called and asked how she was getting back and I told him. He of course flipped out so for the sake of not having his drama ruin the rest of my evening with her I quietly walked to the other room and called his dad and asked if he could take her and why. I thought all was ok then an hour later I get another call from him yelling telling me his parents called him! He told me to take her and come straight home, so I did. On the way back I was almost home and he called and told me not to come home unless I wanted to buy four more tires. I was furious, still didn’t know why his parents called him in the first place knowing the situation and feeling betrayed. So I called them back and told them what happened. I stayed the night with them. He rang the phone off the hook and was telling me to come home. I didn’t. I stayed there, slept like a baby, this was an amazing day with my daughter and I was not going to let him have it. I feel like I avoided something bad last night. I am worried about him this morning as I always do, worried that he will try to hurt himself out of true despair or to hurt me. But it is getting easier to step away and know It’s out of my hands.


3 thoughts on “I finally got to see my baby girl!!

  1. You are not responsible for his behavior…just a reminder. His behavior is not rational.at.all….all too familiar to me. I’m so glad that you had a cherished day with your daughter💜

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  2. Glad you got to see her. I’m sure he knew it made you happy, that’s why he wanted to ruin it for you!

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