cropped-domestic-abuse.jpgOn my way out of a 13 year verbal, physical, and sexually abusive relationship…..but I’m going to make it and make something good out of it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. carissamaria says:

    I read your posts with tears in my eyes and so much emotion…You are amazingly brave and a wonderful mother! Abuse creates wounds and scars…some are permanent, others are very deep and still invisible to others, but you, like a hero of your own destiny, are choosing to be strong every day and to share your story and help others become aware…and that’s awesome! You touched my heart, I’m proud to follow your story and I feel honored that you’re following my blog! Thank you for that!
    Blessings of love and protection in your life, prayers for your safety and happiness,


    • anni6290 says:

      thank you so much, reading other blogs have really given me a strength I didn’t realize I had and that I desperately needed. Prayers back to you and thank you for everything that you share 🙂

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