Comfort Food

So Friday was just a crappy day, at work and when I got home. The same lady at work that “mouthed off” while I was on the phone with him the other day, went bat sh** Friday. Not that I am taking up for him but this actually wasn’t his fault. I called him and he didn’t answer and when he called back, she answered and said I was busy and couldn’t talk. I have no idea why she said this because I was sitting at my desk and she never even tried to send me the call. Then, she freaking called him right back and told him this was a place of business and not to call here. Oh my gosh!!  First of all I have never confided anything to this lady, second of all, it was not her place nor her business to act like that. I appreciate that she might not agree with what she knows of his ways but she did NOT help me in any way. I understand the whole break the silence thing but this is not it. This turned out to be a almost break my finger thing Friday night. So please, if you know someone who might be in a similar situation, do not take it out on the man because you are making the situation much worse. So he called up here and talked directly to my boss and told on her. Lets just say things are super awkward at work this morning. When I got home Friday night, he was not there. No note or anything and since my tire was still flat and my phone is still smashed, I was stuck there with no way to call him or anyone else or go anywhere. He finally came rolling in at about 9pm and was wasted. Ranting and raving as usual and telling me that I had to quit my job and saying he was going to call up there and tell that woman (he referred to her in really ugly racial names that I will not repeat) and tell her off. He grabbed my hand and twisted it around, I thought he was going to break my finger. I got away from him and ran into the bedroom and locked the door and put the headboard in front of it. I grabbed that old prepaid phone and was ready to call 911. He apparently passed out.

The rest of the weekend was actually nice. He woke up sober was decent the rest of the weekend. He “helped” me put my spare on, which was cool because I now know how to change my own tire. He sat in his chair and watched football and played his fantasy football stuff on his laptop the rest of the time. I cleaned and cooked. I made some of my favorites…enchilada casserole, Cajun chicken pasta, and a chocolate cake.  I probably gained 98765465746 pounds but I don’t even care. I drowned myself in comfort foods and and watched movies in my daughters room all weekend and it was  great. I feel rested and am beyond excited that I will finally get to see my daughter in a few days. I will not let anyone still my joy today 🙂


One thought on “Comfort Food

  1. DotedOn says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but that lady could actually help you in the end. And I really hope it’s that way, you’ll need some people on your side. Stay strong 🙂

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