To the little lady at work…

So after all of this other junk, the little lady at work who I was a little upset with the other day came up to me this morning and asked if I was ok. Apparently she saw me walk in this morning. She put her arm around me and said that she remembered that look. She remembered walking with her head down and looking straight forward. (I didn’t even realize I did that) She told me that she was married to a man like that for years. She told me not to give up and to stay with God, don’t give up. I hugged her and cried. I feel like a sh** for being upset with her. I had no idea that she had been through it too. No wonder she barely knows me and has so much anger towards my husband. I have been so busy worrying about everybody judging me and I was judging her. She may not have helped the situation the other day but she was standing up for me in a way I didn’t even understand. So to Ms. Joann, I am humbled and I am sorry and thank you.


One thought on “To the little lady at work…

  1. Aye…she is an angel…hang onto Ms. Joann…

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